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BiRed Imaging Outstanding Early Career Award
This award recognizes a researcher early in their career whose emerging work on mini-, micro- and nanoscale flow or interfacial phenomena and/or systems represents an exceptional contribution to current and future directions of research in this field. Nominees should have completed their graduate degree no more than 10 years prior to the year of nomination (i.e., no earlier than May 2012).

Past Winners
2022: Dion Antao, Texas A&M University
2021: Xianming (Simon) Dai, University of Texas, Dallas
2020: Patricia Weisensee, Washington University St. Louis
2019: Jonathan Boreyko, Virginia Tech
2018: Nenad Miljkovic, UIUC, and Vaibhav Bahadur, UT Austin
2017: Melanie Derby, Kansas State University
2016: Chen Li, University of South Carolina
2015: Matthew McCarthy, Drexel University 2014: Saeed Moghaddam, University of Florida
2014: Mark Steinke, Cray Inc (previously at IBM)
2013: Ali Kosar, Sebanci University, Turkey