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Because of the unique interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary characteristics of the conference, µFIP will attract multiple scientific societies, including thermal and fluid engineers, chemical engineers, bioengineers, computer scientists, modeling experts, material scientists, and mathematicians. µFIP's planning committee will try to be selective to make the balances between multiple topic areas, with a multidisciplinary work ethic and collaborative, supportive culture. To support this effort, we will collect abstracts under these topics:
  1. Fundamentals
    1.01 Single-Phase Flows
    1.02 Multi-Phase Flows
    1.03 Surfaces and Interfaces

  2. Applications
    2.01 Energy Applications
    2.02 Bio-chemical and Bio-medical Applications
    2.03 Water and Environment Applications

  3. Emerging/Innovations
    3.01 Emerging and Innovative Technologies